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Lake AirBnB host urges Board to soften rental policy

A Lake Monticello resident cited earlier this year for renting space in his home via AirBnB in violation of community bylaws asked the Lake Monticello Owners’ Association (LMOA) Board of Directors to consider “a more liberal interpretation” of the rules to meet the modern era of short-term rentals.

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Editor’s note

When news breaks in Fluvanna, people turn to the Fluvanna Review.

Website traffic and Facebook hits jump through the roof when an event, such as a burglary and shooting, occurs. That shows us that you – our friends and neighbors – are looking to us to explain what happened.

And we do. We drop everything and drive to the scene, snap up press releases, and grab our phones and dial the county’s top players, regardless of weekends, holidays, or dinnertime with kids. We do this because you deserve to know what happened.

Hassled decision makers, busy at such times with trying to keep the county running, sometimes grimace at our calls. But they – usually – take our calls anyway, because they know they owe you an explanation. This is the service we provide for you.

Reporters can make pests of themselves. To be a reporter is to be flattered and glad-handed, but rarely liked. People are suspicious, worried that anything they say can and will be used against them. It is lonely being sought after and guarded against.

But contrary to what you might think, reporters are the best secret keepers. We know what to leave out of our stories and what to put in. An edgy comment over a controversial issue makes the cut because people deserve to know how powerful decision makers think. A tidbit from someone’s personal life is left out because people deserve their privacy. And we keep that trust, because a bridge burned is a bridge burned forever.

We are the paper of record for Fluvanna County. Because of that, we can’t miss an issue. The paper always goes to press. That means even on holidays we all show up, dragging our kids behind us if they’re off from school. In 2015 two serious tragedies struck Fluvanna on the Fourth of July. I left a cookout to dash down to a press conference to find out what had happened, bawling constant updates into my then-editor’s ear as he tore himself away from his own celebration. Our families were not amused. But that is the life of newspaper folk. Add a comment


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Supervisors take first step toward controversial auto salvage facility

The Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday night (Dec. 20) to approve the rezoning of a 90-acre parcel off Route 250 in Troy, clearing the path for the construction of a 100,000-square foot automobile recycling facility.

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Ms. Eldridge classKids feel the magic of Christmas in a way that most grown-ups have forgotten. Knowing nothing of to-do lists and credit card interest, little children focus their round eyes instead on brightly-colored lights, fattened stockings, and far-off relatives come to visit.

As the holidays approach and the excitement builds, second grade students in Ms. Elizabeth Eldridge’s class at Central Elementary School took the time to explain the gifts they hope to receive (hint to parents: they want drones) and express their fervent hopes to escape less interesting presents (hint: no clothes).

They also reflected on the holiday itself – Christmas, for each of the students in Ms. Eldridge’s class. Written painstakingly and spelled creatively, these messages recall special Christmas memories, funny anecdotes, and musings on the meaning behind the celebration.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Eating the food at the Christmas feast. (Karly Critzer)
I go to my mom’s dad’s and grandma’s house! (DeVar Palmer)
Every Christmas day we sip on hot chocolate and watch home alone. (Zoe Jeffries)
My favrit trdishan is going to chrch. (Milo Kyle)
I walk my dogs. (Marianne Creasy)
Decorate my Chrstmas tree. (Sammy McQueen)
Nanny & Papa come over. (Cheyanne Short)
Going to my granmall’s house. (James Feury)
Put the angle on the tree. (Sean Stewart)

What do you like most about Christmas?
When I open my presnt’s cause it’s suprizing! (Gavin McNaul)
Giving to others and being with my family. (Sophie Long)
It’s Jesus’s birthday. (Cheyanne Short)
I like presents the most! (DeVar Palmer)
We remembr Jeses dieing on the cross and wen he took are sin. (Milo Kyle)
Spending time to think about family and Jesus. (Anneliese Guseman)
Geting prestens is the best about Christmas. (Cooper Dringo)
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Adele SchaeferLong before Adele Schaefer became president of the Fluvanna County Arts Council (FCAC), she was a volunteer in both civic and political activities.

“Let’s just say that volunteering and taking on projects has been in my blood for a very long time,” said Schaefer. While in Northern Virginia, she was an administrative assistant to a Virginia state senator and held managerial positions in two non-profit membership organizations: the American Psychological Association and the Psychological Association of Pastoral Counselors. Nowadays, she sells real estate and once owned her own real estate company. Currently, she is an associate broker with Monticello Country Realtors. Her experiences through her volunteer and paid work have given her the skills and patience to work though complex problems with deliberate thoughtfulness and to maintain a positive outlook while remaining gracious. A sense of humor helps too.

In late 2011 a friend who was on the arts council asked if Schaefer would like to come to an FCAC meeting since they were looking for new members.

“I had very little knowledge as to just what the council did, so decided to check it out,” Schaefer said. She had only attended two meetings when she received a call that the FCAC president, Bill Anderson, had suddenly died. “At a hastily-called FCAC meeting to determine who was going to take his place, I somehow found myself as the new president.”

Schaefer has exercised her interest in the performing arts as a regular in the alto section of the Fluvanna Community Singers. As a child growing up in Ridgewood, N.J., and Fluvanna County, she was exposed to her mother’s love of the visual arts. Patty Stoughton was one of the original founding members of the Fluvanna Art Association. But Schaefer preferred performing on stage.

“I had graduated from the old Fluvanna High School at Carysbrook in the late ‘50s and had spent many hours on the Carysbrook stage under the fine directorship of Mrs. Eleanor Talley. So, with those memories holding a soft spot in my heart, it isn’t hard to understand how I became involved with FCAC,” she said.

As unexpected as her newfound position was, Schaefer has made a concerted effort to keep the performing arts thriving in Fluvanna.

“The long-time FCAC members were burned out at that point and I didn’t want to see something that was so important to the community come to a slow end,” she said. “It took some time just to figure out what needed to be done and who the players were, but the council members were so very supportive and we all kept moving forward.” Add a comment