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County Sports

Pickleball players ready for servePickleball is reportedly the fastest growing sport in the United States. You can now play this fast-moving, but not overly-taxing, sport in Fluvanna County and at Lake Monticello. The game is played on a downsized tennis court and folks are playing it indoors at Carysbrook and outdoors at the Lafayette tennis courts at Lake Monticello.

This game is becoming very popular with retirees because players can get some exercise and can work up a sweat, but they do not have to do a lot of running or lunging. Pickleball is played with a plastic wiffle ball that is about the size of a softball. The ball is volleyed with a solid wooden racquet, like a paddleball racquet. Add a comment


Palmyra women embrace karate

Karate enthusiasts Cindy, Renae and MaryRenae Chiovaro, Mary Elizabeth Allen and Cindy Girard have taken a stand (or a sparring stance) to improve their health – an effort that requires sheer physical stamina and mental grit.

The Lake Monticello residents joined the growing number of women who have learned to successfully fend off attackers and get in great physical shape by training in martial arts.

“I go straight from work to the dojo every day,” said Chiovaro, whose physical trainer at the gym encouraged her to practice karate to increase her body’s fluidity. “It’s something that doesn’t come easily for me and I love the challenge. It builds confidence.” And while she’s there for the workout, Chiovaro is increasingly glad she is able to learn ways to defend herself.

“Everybody should know how but especially women,” she said. Add a comment


Lauren KirbyA birthday party was the beginning of an equestrian career.

Fluvanna High School junior Lauren Kirby wanted to have her 10th birthday party at Susan White’s horse farm on Central Plains Road. After that day, she was hooked.

“She literally started riding and never stopped,” White said. “That’s how she’s so good.”

Good enough to best more than 13,500 youth equestrians to place third in the nation at a recent competition. Add a comment


Golf courseThe prestigious Faulconer Invitational Golf Tournament, which attracts the top amateur golfers in Central Virginia, will be held this weekend (May 13-14) at the Lake Monticello Golf Course.

Lake Monticello Golf Pro Mark Marshall said that tournament has a waiting list this year. There are 93 golfers signed up to play. This tournament sends players out in groups of three in order to increase the pace of play, so there will be 31 threesomes teeing off each day.

The tournament has three divisions. The regular men’s division has a field of 36 golfers. The seniors’ division has a field of 30, and the super-seniors’ division has a field of 27.

The regular men’s division is what the Faulconer tournament is all about. This tournament is part of the competition for the Battle Trophy. The Battle Trophy is awarded each year by the Daily Progress to the amateur golfer who has the best combined record in a series of top level tournaments played in and around Charlottesville each season. The Faulconer tournament is also an element of the Virginia State Golf Association’s (VSGA) rankings. Marshall said he believes this is a contributing factor in a number of young golfers from the Richmond area participating in the men’s division this year. Add a comment


Virtually all major sports have terms and phrases that aficionados know, but that the casual fan finds puzzling or even incomprehensible. This is an attempt to provide an explanation for some of the terms and phrases that may stump people. It would go on for pages if an attempt were made to cover all the weird terminology in sports.

A baseball announcer may say that the shortstop has gone “deep in the hole” to make the play. There certainly are no holes in a major league baseball field. They are as smooth and pristine as full-time professional groundskeepers can make them. Add a comment


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