Why VSBA is important to Fluvanna

I was concerned to read about the reservations expressed at the recent School Board meeting regarding the Virginia School Board Association (VSBA), which I believe is a great asset to our county. For a minimal cost, far less than paying for analogous individual services, it provides the following:

1.    It ensures that the School Board’s policies are kept in sync with the state’s statutes and regulations that govern the operation of local school divisions and are continually evolving. If this is not done properly, the School Board would be at risk of being in violation of the law.
2.    It provides guidance in the form of conferences and individualized training sessions, which are especially useful for new School Board members who are new to the process of governing as a Board.
3.    It provides opportunities to network with other Boards through its annual meeting, and through regional meetings with Board members from neighboring counties with whom we share many of the same concerns.
4.    It provides a daily news briefing consolidating all of the education-related news from around the state so that we can keep apprised of issues that may potentially affect us as they arise.
5.    With its main office in Charlottesville, it is very knowledgeable of Fluvanna County and provides us with easy access to its services, including its legal support.
6.    It serves as a unified voice on behalf of School Boards to make our needs known to legislators who pass the laws that directly affect the majority of the funding our schools receive.

During my time on the School Board, I always felt that the VSBA was focused on us, not vice versa. In particular, VSBA looked for our input, our participation in events they had created for our benefit, and our involvement in initiatives that served not only our children but those across the state. I would encourage all of the School Board members to view VSBA as a resource, and through them to be as vocal as you can about the needs of Fluvanna County’s schools and students, as VSBA can be a valuable aid toward getting those needs met.

Carol Tracy Carr
Former School Board Chair

Aqua letterPerfect Aqua solution proposed
I have a perfect solution for the Aqua problem.

Each time before you flush, drop a dollar bill in the bowl. This way they can get their money and we have the satisfaction of knowing that they have to dig for it.

Problem solved!

Wayne Bryant
Lake Monticello