BigotryIs ignorant bigotry the new American norm?

Well, he’s done it once again! The question is, will his unquestioning disciples follow him again…into that s---hole of un-American ignorant bigotry. 

I’ve included a photo from a 1903 Christmas card – a picture of my Norwegian grandfather who only months later immigrated to America, the land of the free, from South Africa. Under the circumstances, it’s doubtful that he would make the same decision today. In which case, I would never have had the opportunity of experiencing such enlightened communities as Charlotte, Montgomery, Birmingham and Atlanta of the freedom-loving Jim Crow South – or of the 26 months I spent in the central highlands of Vietnam.

Well, I guess I’m just too inflexible, misguided and opinionated to understand and appreciate the “new American norm.” So be it.

John R. Neighbours
Lake Monticello