Lake Monticello poolLake Monticello’s new community pool will be rebuilt in its current location beginning late in 2018, according to Lake Monticello Owners’ Association (LMOA) Treasurer Marlene Weaver.

Weaver, one of two LMOA Board members on the pool design committee, outlined the evolving project last week.

Based on discussions with a pool contractor earlier this year, members of the Board initially believed it would be easier and potentially more cost-effective to build the new pool at a different location. Discussions with different engineers in recent weeks have convinced the design committee that “the more prudent decision is to replace the pool at the current site,” Weaver wrote.

Potential issues and costs involved in building on a new site include permitting, stormwater management, and relocation of utility lines.

In an email, Weaver said keeping the pool in its current location is “more expensive to build, but, since there would be other fees involved to move the pool, it was decided that the savings to move it was not worth the change.” She noted that using the current spot was always the most desired location, and given the problems that could arise in a new location, “we feel it would be the same cost either way after the engineers presented their information.”

Building in the same location changes the timeline for the project.

When Board members were lobbying the membership for a special dues assessment to fund the $900,000 project, they were optimistic that getting the funding in the summer of 2017 would allow construction to begin as early as January 2018, with the potential of opening the new facility sometime in 2018.

Now, it looks like construction won’t begin until September 2018. While the committee might be able to get bidding and permitting done by the winter, “unpredictable winter weather conditions could delay construction and put the 2018 pool season at risk,” said Weaver. “Therefore early fall of 2018 is the ideal time to begin construction.”

One thing the design group will not be looking at is a heated bubble for four-season use.

Some members of the community, particularly parents of those on local swim teams, have lobbied for a bubble. With the closure of the indoor pool at Health Nutz gym on Lake Monticello Road, there will be no off-season swimming options in the area.

Citing the high cost of staffing an “aesthetically unappealing” bubble over the winter months, the committee has already unanimously decided “the costs greatly outweigh the benefits and that approval of a substantial dues increase would be required” to run the facility year-round, Weaver wrote.

Weaver said there are no cost estimates or concept designs for the project currently on the table, but that they should be completed soon. A date for a community town hall will be set in the coming weeks.