Nick AlgieriWhere do you live? 
I live at Lake Monticello.
Have you always lived in Fluvanna? If not, what brought you here?
No, I have not always lived in Fluvanna. I was born at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, N.Y., and lived on Long Island for my first year. My grandparents, Tim and Eileen Monahan, moved to Lake Monticello in 1990, and my parents (and then I) would come down for vacations. Just before my first birthday my dad’s company downsized and he was laid off, so my parents decided to take a chance and move to Lake Monticello. We moved the day after my first birthday, and 22 years later we are still all here.

You’ve attended Fluvanna County schools. What’s the coolest thing about being a Fluco?
I would have to say the coolest thing about being a Fluco is that our community cares so much for each other and comes together often. There are always great crowds at Friday night football games and other sporting events. I have witnessed firsthand how quick the people of our community are there for their friends in need. Just follow the Flucos’ Helping Hands page on Facebook and you will see all the good that this community does for each other on a daily basis, not expecting anything in return!

Is there a word or phrase you use too much?
I would say that one phrase I use a lot, having my own company, is “free estimates.”

Tell us about a way you have changed over the years.
I would say that my priorities have changed. There was a time when I was home very little. I would work my set hours, then be out with friends. After high school, I learned that if I wanted things in life I needed to work hard and go get them for myself; that to get the things we want in life we need to work hard and never expect a hand out.

What pivotal decision helped to shape your life?
I would say that the most pivotal decision I made was not returning to college after my first semester. Instead I got a full-time job at the Walmart Distribution Center and I decided to start my own landscaping company the following spring.

What are you really good at?
I feel like I am really good at managing my time. I still work full time, first shift, at Walmart every Monday through Thursday and then I work full time for my landscaping customers. I enjoy working outside and take a lot of pride in my work. 

What’s your worst habit when at home?

I would say my worst habit at home is not cleaning up after myself when I cook.

How do you best connect with people in the community?
I have a younger brother who plays high school and travel baseball and I like to go to his events when I have the time. I also engage the community with my Algieri’s Landscaping Facebook page.
How do you describe Fluvanna to people who have never been here?
The best way to describe Fluvanna to people who have never been here is by telling them that it is a beautiful county with a rich history.

Describe a dream you have for Fluvanna’s future.
My dream for Fluvanna is that it will finally catch up with surrounding counties on economic development and take the tax burden off the community…and that Fluvanna will continue to preserve its open spaces for our citizens to enjoy.