Now that you have taken the time to go through your closet and made your four piles of clothes, (stays, goes, needs alterations, and maybe), it’s time for the real fun to begin. Having an organized closet is going to save you stress, time, and money.
Before putting things back in the closet, decide where you are going to donate the clothes, and go ahead and put them in your car. There is a new Goodwill store near Lake Monticello that makes donating quick and easy. They literally have a drive thru where a staff member meets you at your vehicle, and helps you bring it in. Don’t forget your receipt for tax purposes. I also encourage you to go ahead and put the bag of clothes that need alterations in your car too. You’re more likely to take action if you see the reminder in the back seat.
Hopefully your “maybe” pile is a small one because you have made hard decisions along the way. Store the maybe pile out of sight. If you go three months without having to dig through it for an article of clothing, you know it is time to donate these clothes too.
There are two schools of thought on how to organize your clothes in your closet. One way is to organize all of your clothes by color. Everything that is green, goes in one section, and all that is blue in another section, black is all together, and so on. That means all pants, sweaters, and jackets of the same color go together in one section of your closet. You will know exactly where to look for your favorite items by color. This is my preferred method because I often choose what to wear by my mood. I tend to choose the color to wear based on my mood and I see all of my options in one spot.
The other way to organize your clothes is by type of article. Your closet will have a different section for pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, tops, and jackets.  This method is also helpful finding what you need in a hurry. Being able to see all that you own in one section can save you money. It gives you a great visual for how much you own of a type of clothing. It’s easier to resist a great “bargain” on a particular jacket if you know you already have more jackets than you could wear in one season.
One other tip I would suggest is to have all of the same type of hangers. Wood hangers are the best since they properly hold the shape of your clothes. Wood hangers can be expensive therefore buying 10 at a time may work better for your budget. I also like the felt hangers because clothes do not fall off easily.
Your closet should be as organized as a filing cabinet. When you can see all that you own, it’s easier to mix and match pieces to create new outfits. You can go “shopping” in your own closet. Having an organized closet will facilitate a stress free and time saving morning when getting ready for work or a special occasion. No longer are you frantic trying to find your favorite piece. You now know exactly where to look.  Enjoy something good with your extra free time.
Annette Daly –Your Wardrobe Wizard is a Fluvanna County image consultant, speaker, and columnist specializing in teaching women of influence fashion and wardrobe skills that convey confidence and authentic style.