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Sixty-five years ago Willie and Mary Smith met, fell in love, and then were married on November 22, 1948 in Fluvanna County.  During these past sixty-five years they have raised five children; Carol Smith, Willie Smith, Jr. (Julia), James Smith, Sr. (Lula), Stanley Smith, Sr. (Carmen) and Eunice Baskfield (Melvin).  They have 8 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. 
Many nights Willie walked across the log that extended over the creek, even on those nights when snow and ice was on the log.  The snow and ice did not stop Willie.  He played it safe and scooted himself across the log in his Sunday’s best just so he could see Mary. 
Willie worked for over 40 years as a self-employed logger and prior to that he held other jobs traveling from state to state driving truck and worked for a number of years at the GM Plant in New York.  Mary worked as a teacher aide for the Fluvanna County School System and held other various job prior to that.  After leaving the school system, Mary continued her career as a housewife and mother.
It is true that 65 years was not all peaches and cream but they never gave up.  Their love has true happiness that cannot be brought for a price.  They taught their children how to love one another and how to tell the difference between right and wrong.  All of their children have worked and retired from the Commonwealth of Virginia except for one who is still waiting to reach the mark of retirement.
Willie and Mary’s 65th wedding anniversary is a milestone worthy of a celebration.  The family plans to take the couple to their favorite restaurant for an evening of fellowship.  This celebration will be the family’s way of saying thank you and that they will be loved today, tomorrow and forever.