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Authorities are investigating an incident in which a 12-year-old Fluvanna County girl was struck by a car inside Lake Monticello while trick-or-treating Halloween night (Oct. 31).
Maggie Fontanilla was struck in the arm and hand apparently by the car’s side view mirror as she stood on the edge of the road on Jefferson Drive between the Tufton Pond and Northwood Drive, said her mother, Christina Fontanilla. The car did not stop.
Maggie, a Fluvanna Middle School student, was treated at the University of Virginia Medical Center for bruises and several jammed fingers. “Her fingers were swollen. Her ring was bent. Her arm was bruised. She was physically ill but there were no broken bones,” said her mother.
The car that struck her was described as a small, dark, four-door sedan. The car may have a damaged or a missing passenger side mirror.
“The fact this person drove off, I just can’t believe it,” said Christina Fontanilla.
Maggie had just finished trick-or-treating around 8:40 p.m. and was on her way to a friend’s house when the incident occurred.
She had just taken off her boots to shake some pebbles out. The boots just flew out of her hands when she was hit,” said her mother.
Lake Monticello police are searching for parts of the mirror which may have been knocked off by the impact.
“There were so many people roaming around that night… and the roads are narrow and people aren’t thinking,” said Lake Monticello Police Chief Tom Boisvert. “If we find the right piece it could be golden for us,” he added.
Boisvert, who has been the police chief for 17 years, said this is the first incident at the Lake of a child being hit by a car on Halloween night.
Anyone with information should call the Lake Monticello police at 434-589-3215.