Fluvanna County Supervisor candidate Elizabeth Franklin said she has declined contributions from the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors and will not accept money from any special interest group, according to a press release.
“I believe it is important for voters in Fluvanna County’s Columbia District to understand that I truly am independent of outside influences,” Franklin said in her letter to CAAR. “I have promised to represent the citizens of my district and of our county and to seize opportunities for better government at lower cost wherever those opportunities may lie.”
Franklin’s letter to CAAR came in response to an invitation from Neil Williamson. CAAR’s director of government affairs, to meet with his organization’s Political Action Committee. “As you may know,” Williamson wrote, “through their Realtor Political Action Committee (RPAC), CAAR provides financial campaign support for local candidates. The candidate evaluation process is conducted by a select group of members of the Association,” according to the press release.
Franklin is running against Mike Sheridan for the Columbia District supervisor’s seat.