The Fork Union and Columbia Precincts of Fluvanna County were redistricted in 2010, and are now in Virginia’s 65th House District. The incumbent, Republican Lee Ware from Powhatan, was unopposed in the last election.
This year William Quarles, a Democrat is contending for the seat. I’ve met him several times, and I think he’ll be a progressive voice for us in Richmond.
Here’s a bit of his background: Following an early stint as a science teacher, he had a thirty year career at the North Anna Power Station as a supervisor and nuclear chemistry instructor. Mr. Quarles served on the Goochland Board of Supervisors for eight years, including three as chair. He has also served on the Goochland Planning Commission, and was appointed to the State Emergency Medical Advisory Board by then-Governor Tim Kaine. He’s a graduate of the University of Virginia Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership.
I encourage voters in Fork Union and Columbia to learn more about Mr. Quarles, through his website,, and to come meet him when he’s in the neighborhood.