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Investigations by the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office into over a dozen burglaries in the county since the fall of last year has led to the indictments of six men by a Fluvanna County Grand Jury.
“We worked hard to get these guys locked up,” said Lt. David Wells, noting that the county is a “target rich” environment for burglars because so many houses are isolated in the rural county. “A lot of homes sit back on 5 acre lots,” he said.
The burglars, most working alone, broke into homes through windows or by forcing doors and then taking guns, jewelry, cigarettes, electronics, prescriptions drugs, tools or “anything of value,” said Wells.
He advised Fluvanna residents to buy alarm systems, park any extra cars in the driveway of their home and in general, make it appear that someone is home. “An alarm works great,” he said.
Kevin Scott Burchardt, who was arrested in December after he was accused of breaking into multiple homes in Fluvanna County, faces additional charges after the grand jury met on Monday (Feb. 25).
Burchardt, 32 of Amherst, was indicted on 8 counts of burglary while armed; 2 counts of attempted burglary while armed; 10 counts of possessing a firearm by a convicted felon; 7 counts of grand larceny; 1count of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony; 2 counts of abduction and 1 count of armed robbery.
Wells said in the cases connected to Burchardt that 10 houses in Fluvanna were burglarized. The burglar would sometimes telephone a house or stop by on a pretense to determine if the homeowners were gone. The burglar would then gain entry by breaking down the door or forcing a window. The burglar, at one point, was leaving a home when he confronted the returning homeowners, according to authorities. The burglar brandished a weapon and forced the couple into an outbuilding and then fled the scene.
Burchardt is facing more charges in what investigators call a crime spree that spanned 19 cities and counties in Virginia. Burchardt is being held at the Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange County without bond.
-The Fluvanna grand jury also indicted:
• Jason Edward Rhoten, 28, of Mineral in Louisa County on 1 count of burglary and 1 count of grand larceny;
• Troy Kent Rittenhouse, 26, of Scottsville on 4 counts of burglary, 3 counts of grand larceny and 1 count of petit larceny;
• Paul Alan McClure, 24, of Louisa on 1 count of burglary, 1 count of petit larceny and 1 count of property damage for breaking into a store;
• James Travis Snead, 25, of Scottsville for 1 count of burglary, 1 count of grand larceny, 1 count of property damage and1 count of larceny with intent to sell. Snead is charged with breaking into a locked tool shed;
• Cody Wayne Jones, 20, of Scottsville on 1 count of receiving stolen property from Snead, said Wells.