Water tank materials removed from bus loopThe rainwater collection tank materials were finally removed from the new high school site on Thursday (Nov. 3).

“The material that remained onsite was removed this week because it was being stored on the bus loop roadway, which the contractor was preparing to install the final layer of asphalt,” said Clerk of the Works Jonathan Hirst in an e-mail to the Fluvanna Review.

The failed, underground rain-harvesting tanks have plagued the school board since June of 2010, when two of the four collapsed without explanation.

In June of 2011, the School Board voted to replace the tanks with a single open detention pond and three underground steel pipe manifold detention structures.

Detention basins are also known as “dry ponds.”  They are not designed to hold a permanent pool of water, like a retention pond; rather, their purpose is to prevent flooding.

It’s still unclear who will pay for replacing the water tanks, though nothing indicates that the school division had any part in the failure. It is likely that the issue will be settled in court between the contractors, designers and material suppliers.

Photos by David Stemple

Detention basin will replace water tanks