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Fluvanna Destination ImagiNation team Break out the duct tape and stock up on the straws and paperclips, it’s the official start of the Destination ImagiNation 2010-11 Tournament season.

Destination ImagiNation (DI) is an international creative problem-solving program that offers children in kindergarten through university level a chance to showcase their critical thinking, presentation, brainstorming, time management, and research skills, by solving challenges in five different areas of interest. The DI program encourages out-of-the-box thinking, teaching children that there are many ways to approach and solve problems. Although DI is a competition, the program focuses more on team building that helps students develop lifelong abilities like collaboration, courtesy, and valuing diversity.

On Saturday, March 12, ten Fluvanna teams competed in the Jefferson Region Destination ImagiNation Regional Tournament held at Western Albemarle High School. The teams presented their solutions to one of five challenges representing technical design and construction, theater arts and playwriting, scientific invention, improvisational acting, and structural engineering. There was also a special non-competitive challenge for children in kindergarten through second grade. Teams representing area school divisions included: Albemarle, Bath, Fluvanna, Greene, Highland, Nelson, Orange, and Rockbridge Counties. There were also four private school/community groups that participated in this year’s tournament.

“These teams did a wonderful job of representing Fluvanna and demonstrating their creativity and problem-solving skills. The way the parents, teachers, and community members came together to make this possible was truly inspiring.” stated Brenda Gilliam, director of secondary instruction.

Listed below are the teams that represented Fluvanna:

Non-Competitive Rising Stars

Columbia- Elaine Sites, team manager

Team Members: Marcus Billingslea, Delaney Hammond, Loren Lemarr, Kaylee Peterson, Maggie Sites

The Dragons- Nici Pfeiffer and Heather Perry, team managers

Team Members: Marchus Crosland, Spencer Crosland, Benjamin Perry, Ja’ir Peters, Kadence Pfeiffer, Emmaleigh Vernon, and Kathryn Zimnick


Camp Friendship- Alina Ackenbom, team manager

Team Members: Nika Ackenbom, Meghan Carrier, and Maya Fick

Greek Olympians- Julie Carrier and Celine Carrier, team managers

Team Members: Dylan Carrier, Claire Kent, Noah Perry, Taylor Shefski, Zoe Shefski, and Joshua Vernon

Mythology Crew- James Halstead and Mark Hineline, team managers

Team Members: Kendall Halstead, Matthew Hineline, Alexander Pellicane, Tori Phillips, Hailee Shifflett, Katie Wall, and Colin White


Smurfs- Karen Decker and Mona Holmes, team managers

Team Members: Hannah Holmes, Nicole Kent, Makayla Mefford, Morgan Milburn, Emily Rea, and Jenna Rea

ImagiNation Movers- 3rd Place

Theresa Carroll and Laurie Baker, team managers

Team Members: Emily Baker, Kendall Baker, Jonathan Corbin, Tristen Koch, Eva McGehee, and Chase Works


DInamic- Vickie Zavadsky, team manager

Team Members: Melissa Messier, Mitch Salopek, Mckanna Scott, Devon Stribling, Jake Turner, and Katie Wilson

Capillary Action- 1st Place- Johnna Cook, team manager

Team Members: Richard Benvenutti, Heather Bomberger, Jackie Cook, Brendan Otten, Olivia Staff, and Taylor Walters

HAMMES- 3rd Place

Laurie Baker and Theresa Carroll, team managers

Team Members: Morgan Baker, Hannah Corbin, Erin Morris, Mary McGehee, Stephanie Pellicane, and Anjelica Morris

Team Capillary Action advanced to the state tournament to be held at Western Albemarle High School on Saturday, April 2, hoping to qualify for Global Finals in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee in May where more than 16,000 attendees from all states and more than 30 countries will compete for the ultimate bragging rights.

For more information about Fluvanna’s Destination ImagiNation Teams contact Brenda Gilliam at phone: 434-589-8208 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For more information about DI go to www.idodi.org.