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The Fluco girls’ and boys’ track and field squads have been busy and successful in the past two weeks. On Thursday (May 18) they hosted the 3A Conference 29 track and field year-end event, and the girls’ squad emerged victorious, while the boys’ team finished a very respectable third. The previous Friday (May 12), the two teams hosted the annual Fluvanna Invitational track meet and both performed extremely well.

The girls’ team had a number of outstanding performances in the Conference event. Senior Matasha Martin was the Conference champion in three events. She won the 100-meter hurdles, the 100-meter dash and the long jump. Martin also won all three of these events at the Fluvanna Invitational, a meet that involved more and different schools than the Conference meet. At the conference meet, Martin won the 100-meter dash by a very impressive margin of almost two seconds.

Cyan Coates, a senior, was also a winner of more than one event. She was the Conference champion in the 200-meter dash and the 400-meter dash. Additionally, she finished in third place in the 100-meter dash. Coates finished third in the 400-meter at the Invitational. At the Conference meet, Coates was under one minute in the 400-meter dash.
Another Conference champion for the girls’ team was senior Renee Custer, who won the discus competition and finished fourth in the shot put. Custer’s winning discus toss was the best by an impressive distance of nearly eight feet. At the Invitational, Custer also won the discus throw and she took second in the shot put.

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Carol EddyCarol Eddy’s elaborate and detailed work on a petite scale is astounding. Not one of her unique jewelry pieces is the same. Though she crafts them with precision her creative whimsy is obvious, especially in her spoon pendants that feature all kinds of little things from pearls to delicate little flowers, hearts, tea cups and butterflies. Her work is reminiscent of the Victorian jewelry designers, where graceful yet flawless details were added into every piece.

Eddy also has a neuromuscular disease, called Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, which causes a gradual loss of muscle that is not regained. Hip weakness was the first thing she noticed. Having lost her ability to walk, she is now confined to her scooter to get around the house. It has now affected her shoulders and she is unable to lift her arms very high, but said she can easily work at a table with her supplies in front of her.

“Gradually I lost function from the age of 29, but it was slow enough that I could keep ahead of the disease and adjust the way I do things.  My hands have always been one of my greatest assets,” she said. “As a quilter, I could do tiny stitches piecing together pieces of cloth. Now I do another kind of piecing with E6000 glue instead of thread. My hands are working for me, but they, too, will get weaker over time. When that time comes, I’ll just have to find another way to find a happy pastime. I never give up.”

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New plan saves single parents hundreds of dollars

A mistake will cost seven Fluvanna County retirees their supplemental health insurance.

But the decision to change insurance providers will slash the costs of 19 employees by hundreds of dollars, and save all employees a premium increase.

When the Board of Supervisors voted March 15 to switch health care providers as of July 1 from Anthem to Cigna, no one knew that meant some county retirees would lose their supplemental coverage.

No health insurance company will offer a full insurance plan to a Medicare-eligible retiree, said Gail Parrish, county human resources manager. But some, like Anthem, will offer a supplemental plan. Cigna does not. Add a comment


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Russell Jennings, Teacher of the year 2017The Fluvanna School Board meeting Wednesday (May 10) was chock full of good things – accomplished students, favorite teachers and staff and employee bonuses.

The Board voted unanimously to give a $400 bonus to all full-time employees of the 2016-17 school year who worked through May 19. Employees should expect to see the money in June.

Each building principal announced the teacher and support staff person of the year for their building.

Superintendent Chuck Winkler then announced who among them got the award for the whole district. Add a comment


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Entrance to HouchensFirst house nears completion

The sign pointing to Habitat for Humanity’s Houchens Place on South Boston Road has been up for nearly two years, but the gate barring the gravel into the planned development has always been closed.

That’s about to change, as the first home on the 64-acre property is nearing completion, with two dozen more to follow. Habitat hopes to have a family in the first house by early this summer.

“Now that the subdivision is ready to go, we’re so excited,” Gail Morace, director of the selection committee, told a crowd of about 25 local residents who attended a prospective homeowners orientation at Fluvanna County Library Wednesday night (May 10).

Executive Director Mike Himes said the process to get the subdivision through the county’s approval process took longer than expected but was finally completed about two months ago. “Now we’re trying to find a lot of people to put in homes,” he said.

As Morace walked the audience through the process, it became clear that it can be arduous.

“Habitat does not give homes away,” she said. “That’s a myth.” Add a comment