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This week the Flucos are in action! As usual, there is a lot happening in the spring. More student athletes are in action in the spring than in any other season.

On Monday (March 13) the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams opened their seasons. The boys hosted Powhatan, while the girls traveled to the Richmond suburbs to take on the same Powhatan Indians.

On Tuesday (March 14) virtually everyone else got their seasons underway. The Indians from Powhatan were on everyone’s schedule. The baseball team hosted Powhatan, while the softball team traveled there. The softball team also played at Albemarle High on March 15.

In tennis, it was the boys at home against the Indians on March 14, while the girls were on the road against the same opponent. Meanwhile, in lacrosse it was the girls hosting Powhatan, while the boys were at the Indians. The lacrosse teams also play on March 16, with the girls hosting Patrick Henry High and the boys traveling there. Add a comment


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Nick AlgieriWhere do you live? 
I live at Lake Monticello.
Have you always lived in Fluvanna? If not, what brought you here?
No, I have not always lived in Fluvanna. I was born at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, N.Y., and lived on Long Island for my first year. My grandparents, Tim and Eileen Monahan, moved to Lake Monticello in 1990, and my parents (and then I) would come down for vacations. Just before my first birthday my dad’s company downsized and he was laid off, so my parents decided to take a chance and move to Lake Monticello. We moved the day after my first birthday, and 22 years later we are still all here.

You’ve attended Fluvanna County schools. What’s the coolest thing about being a Fluco?
I would have to say the coolest thing about being a Fluco is that our community cares so much for each other and comes together often. There are always great crowds at Friday night football games and other sporting events. I have witnessed firsthand how quick the people of our community are there for their friends in need. Just follow the Flucos’ Helping Hands page on Facebook and you will see all the good that this community does for each other on a daily basis, not expecting anything in return!

Is there a word or phrase you use too much?
I would say that one phrase I use a lot, having my own company, is “free estimates.”
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Bluebirds on nesting houseTime flew by for the Lake Monticello Wildlife Committee since setting up bluebird houses around the Lake. It has been two years since they proposed and implemented a plan to bring back bluebirds by setting up nesting areas.

Spring begins on March 20, and this is the time bluebirds start building their nests. Jim Haney, a volunteer with the wildlife committee who monitors the birdhouses, said, “When you see activity around the birdhouses, start monitoring. They begin building nests by the end of March.”

Haney was specific about the different types of nests that are distinguishable from bluebird nests.

“Bluebirds use pine needles and they are neat, and wrens will use moss. Chickadees’ nests are messy. They use moss, sticks and other things. But they are not as bad as the sparrows – they literally use garbage,” he said. Haney has seen plastic and other unnatural things in sparrow nests. They are considered the recycling birds, since everything and anything goes into the building of their nests. Add a comment


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Connor ReillyThere is a star in Fluvanna’s galaxy but we might have missed it because our telescope isn’t trained on that orbit.

We give props to top athletes, high academic achievers, Eagle Scouts and heroes.

But a bassoon player? It’s about time.

Fluvanna County High School senior Connor Reilly joined a rare group when the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America chose him as one of five bassoonists to become a part of its elite family.

That means together with other top student musicians, Connor will study in New York this summer for a three-week residency, as well as play a July 21 concert at Carnegie Hall followed by a performance trip through Latin America.
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From a survey designed to help the Board of Supervisors decide on budget priorities to a program to recognize those that contribute to the community, Fluvanna County government wants to know what you think. 

“We always, always, always want to hear feedback from the community – good, bad, indifferent, preferences – especially during budget season,” said County Administrator Steve Nichols.
To that end, the county website ( is hosting a 2017 citizen survey that asks residents to weigh in on their satisfaction with the county’s current services and direction. Nichols plans to present the data from the survey at the Board of Supervisors meeting on March 15.

He encouraged residents to take the survey, accessible from the website’s homepage, before March 15. “The Board does really listen and they are very interested,” he said.

Residents can always reach out using My Two Cents, a virtual comment box available on the website. People can leave compliments, criticisms, concerns or suggestions for departments or staff members.

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