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Contemplate raise to $16 an hour

How much does a member of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors make?

In Fairfax County the Board chair pulls in $100,000 a year. Other supervisors make $95,000 annually.

In Fluvanna, however, the salaries are smaller. The chairperson makes $9,000 a year. The vice chair earns $8,400 and the remaining members pull in annual salaries of $7,800.

That works out to about $14 an hour, according to estimates supervisors provided of how many hours per week they work.

Like other workers, supervisors are taxed on their earnings. Their take-home pay is therefore less.

In a few months supervisors will likely vote on whether to raise their pay to an average of $16 an hour.
County Administrator Steve Nichols said he has proposed that Board members would make $9,000 per year. The vice chair would earn $9,600 annually and the chairperson would make $10,200.

“I prepared the Board of Supervisors pay proposal on the same basis as I did for other boards and commissions,” Nichols said. “I reviewed other counties around the Commonwealth and focused especially on the 22 local and similar-sized counties.”

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LacrosseThe Fluco boys’ lacrosse squad delivered a well-played game on Thursday (March 23), said Coach Steve Heritage. He particularly noted that “the defense is coming together.” Unfortunately, the Flucos were up against a strong team visiting from Patrick Henry High School in Ashland, just outside of Richmond. The Flucos fell to the Patriots 1-8.

The Flucos’ offense just could not generate enough pressure on the Patriots. Giving up eight goals in lacrosse is not bad defense, as it would be in soccer. In lacrosse it often takes nine or more goals to win. The Fluco defense was even better in its March 21 game, when the team held Liberty-Bealton High to five goals. Unfortunately, in that game the Flucos only could score two.

In this game, the first quarter did not go well for the Flucos. Patrick Henry scored the first four goals of the game. There was no scoring early in the quarter, but the Patriots broke the ice with 6:59 on the clock, scoring from out in front on a nice pass play that the Fluco goalie had little chance to stop.

Another Patriot goal came less than two minutes later. Again, there was good pass work involved and the scoring shot came from point-blank range.  With 3:49 on the clock the Patriots made it 3-0.  Garrison Dahl won the ensuing face-off impressively to begin an attack on the Patrick Henry goal, but the attack was stymied and the Patriots responded with a long hard shot into the net for a 4-0 lead.
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Actors rehearse“Dewey Frye has just keeled over into his mashed potatoes while giving a speech at the Rotarian Club in New Edinburgh, Miss., and the first thing his widow, Dorothy, does is go straight to the grocery store. As she puts it, her ‘house is about to get as busy as the Big Star on triple coupon day.’ It seems not to have sunk in yet and everyone around her is waiting for her grief to catch up with her. The problem is the only one she really wants to talk to about it is Dewey and he is not there.”

This is how director Beth Sherk describes the opening of the upcoming performance of the Persimmon Tree Players (PTP). They will be performing Osborne & Eppler’s Southern Fried Funeral, described as big-hearted family comedy southern style.

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John HalpinJohn Halpin was the last person to realize what everyone around him already knew: He was an addict.

Now a substance abuse counselor living with his wife and children at Lake Monticello, 30-odd years ago Halpin was living in a friend’s basement in his native southern New Jersey. The drinking and drug use that had once been “a lot of fun” had turned into something destructive.

Halpin grew up in an environment where drug and alcohol abuse was common and where alcohol, in particular, was always around. “It would have been unusual if I didn’t drink,” he said.

Like many who develop substance abuse problems, he didn’t recognize that his need to keep using was not a matter of choice but rather a physical dependence that became harder and harder to rationalize away.

“I wasn’t really working,” he said of those days. “My family had written me off.” He was facing multiple DUIs and drug possession charges. To top it off, he crashed his car and went through the windshield, causing injuries to his face and eyes that required several rounds of plastic surgery to repair. “Not just emotionally and not just spiritually, but physically...I was in pretty bad shape,” he said. Add a comment


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Office spaceBy summertime an empty storefront in Jefferson Centre on Turkeysag Trail will open as office spaces for Fluvanna’s growing population of solopreneurs and home-based workers.

Martin Broan, manager of Jefferson Centre Self Storage, said the new flexible office spaces could suit several types of businesses.

“If you’re a lawyer or accountant working out of your home office, but you don’t want people coming to your house, or having to get them through the gate,” then the temporary office space could be a perfect solution, Broan said.

The front office, with its big storefront windows, might work well for “holistic medicine or maybe massage,” he said. “You could even run a used car lot here,” he said, noting the inside offices and ample parking area outside. Add a comment